need a 3D model of your product?

We can help

Impress your clients and boost your sales with a scale 3D model, exactly how you want it to look.

Tell us how you like your model to be.

Choose size (scale), colours, cut-out sections, moving parts, motorized or hand-driven, LED lighting, etc.

We will take care of the rest. Your scale model will be produced, assembled, securely packaged and sent to you wherever you may be.

Show off your product with ease.

Scale models are excellent prop for trade shows and allow your clients to experience your products in a fun and intuitive way

Show off your product with ease.

When competition is hard, it can be useful to show your client exactly what makes your product stand out. Scale models make this easy… and fun!

Learn by looking and feeling.

Training your new colleagues using scale models is an excellent way for them to learn intuitively about the functions and features of your products.

Learn by looking and feeling

There is always space for improvements! Scale models are also helpful for designers and engineers when doing product development or fault-finding.

Want to learn more?

We are happy to hear from you about your needs for a 3D scale model.